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Learning - Consulting - Discovering For...




TenniScenario is a House of Research, Educational and Development Institute providing Online Learning, Online Consulting, Virtual Classroom and Conference, therefore creating an Environment for Knowledge Production and Management in Sports, Educational, Teaching and Coaching Sciences

At TenniScenario you will have all the possibilities to Transform, Self Discover and Learn about Yourself...




TenniScenario Mission Statement

Jean Lambert providing Strategist Services to National Tennis Federations, ATP and WTA Touring Professionals, High Performance Development Tennis Centers, in regards to Knowledge Production, Educational Science, Coaching Science, Teaching Science

To provide Career Enrichment Services to Professionals and Leading Tour Players through Human Excellence and Perfection Processes

To provide Knowledge, Rich Content, Operational Tools for Education and Development Processes

To provide compelling substance and depth of Knowledge Acquisition in Educational Sciences, Human Skills Development and Sport Sciences

To provide Learning Management and Performance Management Systems

To provide a Scientific Environment for the Development of High Performance Athletes, Professional Teams and Performing Arts Individuals

To provide an environment for Human Excellence, Perfection and Refinement

To provide a Spirit of Success and a Winning Philosophy for the High Performance Individual and Professional Teams

To provide Personal Coaching and Mentorship Program for High Performance Individuals, ensuring them to find their personal path towards Human Perfection and Greatness, in their Professional and/or Olympic Career

To create an environment permitting the development of Human Skills and the deployment of a Character Skills Profile in order to enhance your Personal and Professional Development

To provide a Virtual Classroom for Live Teaching Online and Live Meeting Online

To provide Knowledge Management Tools, contributing to the Growth of Organizations and High Performance Individuals, by providing them access to Knowledge

To provide Knowledge Production Tools, for Enterprises and High Performance Individuals, providing an environment favoring the extension of their limits and surpass themselves in their Business and/or Career Processes

To incorporate Online Learning and Online Consulting into your Enterprise Processes.  Our Center has developed 33 Knowledge Acquisition Systems which are located into our Online Learning and Online Consulting Departments

To design and develop Educational Information and Decision Support Systems



International Tennis Federation
National Tennis Federations
High Performance Development Centers
ATP Players
WTA Players
ITF Juniors


Our Vision

Is to become an International leading Knowledge Provider and a Catalyst of well-being, for High Performance Individuals in the pursuit of their ultimate goals in their personal life and career

To provide access to Knowledge for





Our Attitude

We are passionate about the interaction of Teaching and Learning and the Psychology that supports that process

Our essence is to deliver, making sure to fulfill the needs of our customers

We are into communication as we listen

We strive for the generation of new ideas, as their essence is Imagination and Creativity

Our Essence is to Create Tools that support the Educational and Development Processes

We know that everything starts with a Thought and we say "Why Not"

We believe in the power of transformation, so we strive to promote Human Perfection, inspiring you to go beyond what could be considered the best you could ever be, always extending your limits or even daring to go beyond yourself


TenniScenario areas of expertise include:

Research and development

Provide an environment for Personal Excellence, Perfection and Refinement development

Knowledge engineering

Knowledge management

Knowledge production

Character development and deployment

Teaching science

Coaching science

Mental fitness development

Mentorship development

Personal development and growth

Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Production System development in your domain of expertise


Our Difference - Uniqueness

From the TenniScenario Campus in Education             

Online Learning

Learning from a Distance Concept to verify your degree of Knowledge and Competence

Online Consulting

Consulting from a Distance Concept to extend your human skills, get the right answers, find your personal path

Virtual Classrooms

Teaching from a Distance Concept for Teaching Online and Live Meeting Online        

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Email sent to our support team is answered the next business day